Simply hook the Formbolt onto the steel mesh wire, feed the bolt through pre-drilled holes in the form board, then tighten the nut on the outer side of the board.

It’s fast, easy, and made in Melbourne.


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$85.00 per bag


Formbolts are a replacement for timber bracing and star pickets when constructing a reinforced concrete slab. Simply hook Formbolts onto the steel mesh wires, feed the bolt through pre-drilled holes in the form board, then tighten the nut on the outer side of the board.

Qty: 50 bolts and nuts in a bag
Bag Weight: 2.8kg
Nut & Bolt Weight: 56grams

Socket Adaptor

$30.00 per bag


The Socket Adaptor is purpose-built for the Formbolt. The aluminium internal sleeve and nylon outer sleeve provides a lightweight and robust socket adaptor that is easy to use and long-lasting.

Qty: 2 socket adaptors per bag
Socket Weight: 150grams
Bag Weight: 300grams

Large Extension Hook

$89.00 per bag


The Large Extension Hook is used when you need additional distance to hook onto the mesh or for hooking the Formbolt to overlapped mesh wires. Just slide the eyelet onto the Formbolt hook, then hook the Extension over the steel wires.

Qty: 100 per bag
Bag Weight: 2.5kg
Hook Weight: 25grams



Eliminate 80% of star pickets

No more stormwater pipe and service penetrations.

Prevents slab heave from pickets loosening in soggy ground.

Fast and easy installation

Hook Formbolt onto mesh wires every 1M through pre-drilled 12mm diameter holes in form boards.

Tighten the nut on outer side of form boards using Socket Adaptor drill bit.

Holds mesh and pods in place

Ensures structural integrity of foundation to Engineering specifications.

No more ‘blow away’ pods on windy days.

Eliminates crushed pods from foot traffic and concrete.

Easy to work in constrained areas

Removal of timber bracing and star pickets makes working along tight boundaries much easier.

Faster set-up by not having so many obstructions to step over.

Straighter and more accurate foundations

Loosen or tighten the nut to precisely adjust the form board on the string line during the concrete pour.

Eliminates the problem of form boards moving out of position when using star pickets, especially when the ground gets soggy and wet.

Safer work site

No more leg lacerations or trip hazards from timber braces and star pickets around the perimeter of the foundation.

Cleaner site reduces the risk of safety incidents.

Proven performance

Used by Victorian concreters on raft slabs and waffle pod slabs since 2015.

Tensile strength tested by NATA accredited ExcelPlas Polymer Testing to an average force of 1.737 kN

Quick and easy clean up

Simply loosen the nut, snap the end off, remove the board, then cut the bolt flush with the slab using an angle grinder.

100% designed and manufactured in Melbourne

Crafted by father (Cliff) and son (Matt) toolmakers in Thomastown, who have been manufacturing for over 30 years.